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Tips for creating applications - note error messages
 Surprisingly, many custom applications consulted with us generate various warning and error messages as they run. Please note them. Fixing problems is usually very easy and improvements are worthwhile.

Some of the errors that occur while running the application are not visible at first glance and seemingly mind nothing. But the error log message always means that something is not working as intended and how it should work. For example, if we fail to quantify an expression whose result we do not need in the next few months of running the application, it may not seem that much. But this is purely a matter of chance, which is not always good to rely on. In any case, the occurrence of error messages indicates that the application program is doing something other than what we intended to create.

Error messages are collected in a separate window.

Error messages are collected in a separate window.

There is one more problem with runtime errors. This is due to the fact that errors can be generated by the application over a long period of time with high frequency. Hundreds of error messages can be detected and stored in the log every second. The overhead of this activity is mainly related to saving logs to files on disk. This puts a considerable strain on the computer. Most of the performance is then not usefully spent running your program, but managing a huge flood of error handling and subsequent processing and archiving error messages.

Errors are very well described and identified in the statements. Finding and repairing them is quick and easy. Ignoring error messages is neither sensible nor convenient.